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Welcome to the Communication Workgroup.

This workgroup’s objective is to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of the many individuals and organizations around the world who are most knowledgeable about the worldwide communication system to make a plausible estimate of what would be required to meet the one-time goal of providing every individual on the planet with access to the planet's communication system, and what would be needed thereafter to maintain its availability at that level.

The first step, therefore, is to identify those expert individuals and organization. Below is the list as it has been developed thus far. If you happen upon additional information sources that you believe will assist in this effort, please let us know by way of the CONTACT form. Or, if you would like to engage in your own line of research, let us know the results. And finally, if you feel the concept of the Whole Earth Design Project is something that you may wish to become involved in, let's get acquainted.

The situation now:

  • Total mobile‐cellular subscriptions reached almost 6 billion by end 2011, corresponding to a global penetration of 86%.
  • By end 2011, there were more than 1 billion mobile‐broadband subscriptions worldwide.
  • By end 2011, there were 590 million fixed (wired)‐broadband subscriptions worldwide.
  • The percentage of individuals using the Internet continues to grow worldwide and by end 2011 2.3 billion people were online.

Source: ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database.

To let us know what you have to say about this subject, go to the discussion page where The Subject Is COMMUNICATION.

Here are some of the experts:

Internet World Stats (

Committed to Connecting the World (

LIRNEasia is a regional ICT policy and regulation think tank active across the Asia Pacific (

Centre for Development Informatics (CDI) (

OpenIDEO ('s friend/)

Esoko gives agribusiness and projects the opportunity to share information quickly and affordably, creating a free flow of information in and out of rural areas. (

CellBazaar - Market in Your Pocket (

KenyaBuzz (

Ovi Life Tools (

BBC - Media Action - Transforming lives through media around the world (

Tactical Technology Collective (

Yahel Ben-David is an electrical engineer who has designed cross-border links to the Internet (

Get the latest statistics at the Pew Research Center (


Report neighborhood issues and see them get fixed (

Government Technology (

Federal Communications Commission (

The Radio Spectrum Online (

Nielsen, A World of Insights (

CTIA - The Wireless Association (

NAB: The Voice of Broadcasters in the Nation's Capital (

Cisco Systems (

Rysavy Research - Wireless Technology Assessment and Integration (

Tencent - China's large Internet portal (

BeClose - Independent Living For Seniors (

AT&T Machine-to-Machine Solutions (

AT&T Advanced Mobility Solutions (

Google Translate (

Digital Content, Media, and Publishing (

Comscore - Measuring the Digital World (

Javelin Strategy and Research (

Altimeter Group - Empowering a Mobile Workforce (

Social Analytics Platform (

MIT SENSEable City Lab (

IBM Research (

AT&T Labs Research (

Connect America Fund (CAF) (

Navigant Economics (

OPASTCO/Organization for the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies (

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) (